Automatic filters

Self cleaning automatic filters

Are you looking for the best and most economic automatic filtration unit? A significant decrease of filter consumables?

CleanFlow has extensive hands on experience with self cleaning strainers and automatic filter systems. We develop, import and sell many types of self cleaning automatic filters. Automatic filters are designed for continuous filtration. The filtered outlet flow will never be interrupted. The high efficiency automatic self cleaning technology of our automatic filters, requires a minimum of flush water and drastically reduces, if not totaly reduces the need of filter consumables. The quality of our automatic filters is superb. If you want more information, please ask our experts, they can tell you all about it. 



Automatic filters

Automatic Self Cleaning Industrial Plastic Disc Filters

    • Disc series – Automatic cleaning grooved disc filter with spriral cyclonic separation down to 5 µm.

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Automatic filtersAutomatic Self Cleaning Steel Screen Filters

    • Screen series – Automatic screen filter with rotational moving suction scanner – up to 7.500m³/h and down to 10 µm.
    • LPF series – Extreme high flow inline filter – up to 80” and 20.000m³/h.

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Semi automatic spiral clean filtersAutomatic filters

    • SPIRAL series – Semi-automatic self cleaning filter with manual suction scanner.

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The correct selection of automatic self cleaning strainers or filters depends on various parameters. As the filter specialist par excellence, CleanFlow has the expertise to help you select the filters that best suit your requirements.



Information about automatic filters

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