Ceramic Membrane Filter

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Ceramic membrane filters bring unique solutions for cleaning of problematic liquid waste streams.
Based on patented production processes the membranes have unequalled filtration characteristics. Pore sizes of the membrane filters are accurately controlled to allow selective filtration. Special production techniques result in an extremely smooth filtration surface which prevents the build up of fouling. The ceramic materials and the accurate production processes result in chemically inert filter tubes that can also withstand high operating temperatures.

Typicall apllications are:

  • Oil/water emulsions
  • Solvents
  • Degreasers
  • Thermal heating oil
  • PVC dispersions
  • Paints
  • Brines

The ceramic membrane filter tubes are assembled into PVC or stainless steel modules. The ready to use modules are available in various dimensions with filtration surfaces up to 4 m² per module. Filtration takes place by dirty fluid passing inside to out of the membrane tube. The fine porous membrane layer on the inside of the tube retains concentrated dirty fluid and the pollutant particles. This is called retentate. Clean fluid passes through to the outside of membrane tube and is called permeate. On the inside of the membrane a thin filter cake of pollutants is formed. The fluid on the inside (retentate) continuously circulates through the ceramic tubes in a cross flow direction in comparison to the permeate flow. Periodically the fluid flow across the membrane is reversed creating a strong back pulse. The filter cake on the inside of the membrane tube is now pushed back into the retentate stream. At pre-set concentration levels or time intervals the concentrated retentate is discharged.



  • High operation temperatures up to 250 deg C.
  • Chemically resistant and resistant for pH ranges of 0-12
  • Suitable for mineral oil and organic solvents or difficult chemical reaction environments
  • Long life time
  • Limited fouling due to smooth membrane surface
  • Narrow pore size distribution
  • Continuous on-line cleaning by means of back-pulse
  • Simple handling and operation
  • High flux rates

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