DE Diatomaceous Earth Filter Press Unit

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CleanFlow’s diatomaceous earth filter press units are especially designed to filter completion fluids, workover fluids and gravel-pack fluids. Our filter presses are suitable for both light and heavy brines and suitable for use both onshore or offshore locations. The main purpose of the design is a robust and easy to use filter unit with a highly efficient filtration that prevents clogging and damage to the gas or oil reservoir and still guarantees maximum production rates.

Our presses are build in a strong framework and come with an air driven hydraulic power pack with double acting hydraulic ram. The filter plates are recessed and made from heavy-duty polypropylene, O-ring sealed and covered with polypropylene cloth. This provides high dirt holding, leak free operation and minimum DE usage but still low NTU output. Our presses are complete with stainless steel in/outlet manifold, valves, control panel, PVC splash curtains and manuals

The presses are supplied with a separate slurry skid with pumps for DE mixing and dosing (Pre-coat and body feed).

In combination with a duplex cartridge filter unit our filter press is the most reliable and effective filtration set-up for filtration of oilfield fluids.

DE Diatomaceous Earth Filter Press Unit


  • Well completion fluids
  • Workover fluids
  • Gravel pack fluids
  • Waste water treatment
  • Sludge dewatering

 Filter unit series

  • FP600
  • FP800
  • FP1200
  • FP1500
  • Other types on request

DE Diatomaceous Earth Filter Press Unit

System design functions:

  • Air driven hydraulic system
  • Filter plates with recessed chambers, O-ring sealed and leak free
  • Improved cloth design for high efficiency filtration
  • Easy to replace filter cloth
  • Maximum working pressure 7 bar @ 45 ºC
  • Simple construction, minimum maintenance
  • All piping SS316L
  • All hydraulics/ controls in closed cabinet
  • Stainless steel sluice pan
  • Slurry skid with air bubbling agitation
  • Slurry skid including body feed and pre-coat pump

recessed filter press plate   recessed filter press plate   recessed filter press plate


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