Dual vessel filter unit: cartridge filter/bag filter unit

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The dual vessel filter unit is proven to be an easy, reliable and effective 4 in one filtration unit.

The versatile CleanFlow dual vessel filter unit can be used individually or combined into fluid treatment packages for use in applications such as oily water treatment, completion fluid filtration, well bore clean-up, injection water, waste water and many other process fluids filter applications. The duo pod filter units are specially designed for oilfield fluids filtration jobs.

The duplex filter units have a robust offshore proof frame with lifting facilities, work platform, build-in ladder and safety railing. Safe and easy access to the filter vessels allow for quick bag/cartridge replacement.

4 in one filtration unit:

The combo cartridge/bag filter unit is the most versatile filter unit in the market today.
The same unit can be adapted to following operational modes:

  1. Cartridge filtration mode
  2. Bag filtration mode
  3. Vessels switched in serial or parallel flow mode for pre-filter/polish filter operation, stand by/ duty mode or parallel high flow mode)
  4. Combination mode using both filter bags and catridges at the same time. (serial pre-filter/polish filter mode)

The combo bag/cartridge unit is modified so it can hold filter bag adaptor plates which make it possible to switch the vessels between bag filter and cartridge filter use. The adaptor plates and bag filter baskets can be conveniently stored in the unit with the build-in storage rack and cabinet, this will prevent loosing these components. In/outlet manifold, valves and pressure gauges make it a “plug and play” unit ready for operation.


  • Completion fluids
  • Water injection
  • Produced water
  • (Sea)water intake
  • Oily water clean up and treatment
  • Diesel fuel
  • Pre-filtration RO
  • Waste water


  • Cartridge filter unit
  • Bag filter unit
  • Combo cartridge/bag unit
  • Serial or parallel flow vessels


  • Single, dual or multi vessel executions
  • Different vessel sizes
  • Different manifold sizes and in- outlet connections
  • Other executions and options on request


  • standard serial/parallel configuration
  • standard 50x 40” cartridges and/or 4 bags per vessel
  • compact space saving design
  • innovative push lever and swing-away vessel lid, easy to operate
  • swing-bolts and nuts for quick opening
  • self sealing, service friendly cover gasket
  • easy to operate 4 inch main manifold valves
  • certified hoisting slings, lifting lugs and forklift pockets
  • pressure relief valve set at 7 bar (105 Psi)
  • robust offshore frame according DNV 2.7.1


CF-Duo-Vessel-cartridge-filter-unit CF-duo-vessel-cartridge-bag combi-filter-unit CF-Combi-Duo-vessel-cartridge-bag-filter-unit dual vessel combi adapter dual vessel combi unit


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