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  • We actively supplied carbon filter bags for a project in New Zealand 

In the process of fertilizer production, they suffer from oil contamination in the liquid and they want to filter a minimal amount of dirt particles, oil and color pigment in the liquid. They have already tried oil absorption filters without success. After this they contacted CleanFlow and as a solution they ordered CleanFlow carbon filter bags.

Carbon bag filter Carbon filter bag Carbon bag filter


  • A professional photo lab has ordered filter cartridges to replace their current filter cartridges

Through good support and service they came back to CleanFlow to ask if we could help them make demineralized water that they need in their photo lab. Here too CleanFlow has been able to serve them and they have bought a complete demi watermaker set.

Demi watermaker set

  • The oil market is picking up again

Because the oil market is picking up again, there is also a demand for Filter Units. CleanFlow is an expert in filtration equipment for oil companies. On a regular basis, CleanFlow also supplements the filter consumables stock with different types of filter cartridges. With CleanFlow as their reliable partner, the company can offer service to many different oil companies.

Loose parts for construction unit Parts for construction unit Pipes for construction unit

Unit under construction Unit almost ready

  • CleanFlow supplied oil adsorption filter cartridges for a large LNG project in Australia

The open drainage system for the separation of waste water is carried out using water centrifuges. This separates oil and solids from oily waste water and the waste water passes through the CleanFlow filters. The CleanFlow filters are necessary because oily waste water is still present and waste water may not be thrown overboard because it still contains too much oil. So the oil absorption filters are a necessity to place behind the centrifuges. This unit is for a Central Processing Facility (CPF) Australia.

LNG Project

  •  More than 2000 pieces delivered by this special High flow absorption filter

Cleanflow has introduced this product beginning of 2017. After successful results during the testing it is a proven product that now as final solution is used for offshore produced water.
The oil absorption filter differs from other products by efficient oil (hydrocarbons) removal from water at exceptionally high flow (flow rates).

Oil absorption filters   Oil absorption filters ready to be sent  Oil absorption filters packed

  • Inspection old AMIAD self cleaning filters

CleanFlow was called to the rescue to inspect and repair old AMIAD self cleaning filters. A major international service company was preparing for pipeline flushing operations on the Turk Stream Offshore Pipeline project. Old filters where gathered from other branches. CleanFlow was requested to do the inspection and provide support for repair of the received self cleaning filters. CleanFlow also supplied the necessary AMIAD spare parts and provided training and instructions to the engineers. Finally CleanFlow helped during the commissioning and performance test of the filter set-up and related equip

AMIAD Self-cleaning filters commissioning and start-up  PLC control panels AMIAD filters  Automatic self-cleaning filters AMIAD EBS 10.000

  • Economic alternative to Hatenboer Water type HAC24870 water filter element  

CleanFlow provides an affordable equivalent for the Hatenboer HAC24870 filter element. The design incorporates primary outer depth filtration, activated carbon fill and wound depth type inner core to prevent migration of activated carbon granules. The HAC24870 is a quick-change element. HAC24870 activated carbon filters improve the taste and appearance of water, removing organic-pollutants such as traces of hydrocarbons. Activated carbon filters can also be used for de-chlorination. Suitable for process and drinking water

Activated carbon filter   Activated carbon filter   Activated carbon filter

  • CleanFlow has installed a self-cleaning filter for the Belgian Railway Company NMBS NV

The Belgian railway company NMBS NV uses in one of its central workshops an Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection unit also called UV sterilizer. The sanitary water is thereby disinfected and safe for consumption. To prevent fauling of the installation and UV lamps a CleanFlow self-cleaning filter is installed in front of the UV system. As an additional advantage  the efficiency of the UV radiation is increased because of this filter. Less UV light will be captured or reflected by dirt particles in the water since the particles are removed by the CleanFlow filter. The filter does not require opening for cleaning due to its self cleaning mechanisme and as such no maintenance.


  • CleanFlow completed the design and construction of 3 types of mobile bag filter units.

The contract includes manufacturing and delivery of dozens of filter units per type. They will be utilized for a wide range of temporary filtration applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

The three different types are: Duplex single filter bag housing unit, Duplex single bag housing filter unit made of HDPE plastics for aggressive fluids and multi (8) filter bags housing unit for high flow rate applications. Especially the HDPE plastic filter unit in unique and one of its kind is this industry.

mobile-bag-filter-units  mobile-bag-filter-units

  • A leading producer of ink and coating metering rolls used in printing presses at the printing and offset industry found the oil adsorption filter solution from CleanFlow

Our client is a leading producer of ink and coating metering rolls used in printing presses at the printing and offset industry. Our clients factory is equipped with a closed cooling liquid circuit. The cooling liquid used in their milling and machining process is being polluted by oils and grease. To help solve this problem and extend the service life of the cooling liquid CleanFlow was contacted. After a short consultation CleanFlow came up with an easy but effective oil adsorption filter. Happy with the advice the client was quick to decide and purchase the oil adsorption filter solution from CleanFlow.

foto-171   foto-160

  • Field trip by CleanFlow in Kazakhstan

During a field trip in Kazakhstan CleanFlow had the opportunity to inspected one of their previously supplied duplex filter units. The unit is operated under extreme conditions. In winter temperatures may decrease down to -45°C, and in summer rise up to +35. The end user of the filter unit confirmed the unit had proven to be very robust and reliable. It performed very well under all conditions, at different applications and locations. The cliënt also said the filter unit has proven to be a profitable asset to their equipment fleet.

IMG_20160310_134441342_HDR IMG_20160310_134040799_HDR IMG_20160310_133957237 IMG_20160310_135631732

  • Replacement of filter bags by bag retrofit pleated cartridge for extended life time and supply of activated carbon filter bags for a water treatment installation

A water treatment installation for river water encountered frequent replacement of filter bags. In order to extend the time between sediment filter change out the filter bags are replaced by bag retrofit pleated cartridges. No modification of the filter housing required because the retrofit cartridge fits directly into the bag filter housing. The pleated retrofit cartridge offers much more filter surface area and as such extended life time. Another stage in the water treatment is the use of activated carbon filter bags for absorption of toxic components from the water. Both products are easy to use and effective CleanFlow filter products.

P1050087 P1050093 P1050091 P1050089

  • Multi-year build and supply contract for bag filters and filter skids

CleanFlow won the tender for a multi-year contract for design, build and supply of filter skids and filter consumables. CleanFlow is awarded the contract after competing against more than 10 contenders amongst which some are big and well know filter companies. The client is an international industrial service company with a dozen branches in Europe providing fluid management systems to the industry. Filtration beïng a new expansion of their product line increasing the companies turns. CleanFlow is preferred by the company because of our filtration expertise and knowledge, training capabilities, clever design, quick response and our overall support. CleanFlow has proven to be a reliable business partner and much more than just a supplier.

foto 1 foto 2

  • CleanFlow is classified as “strategic” supplier for major oil company

CleanFlow is specialized in Oil adsorption Filters and developed a specific oil adsorption filter for produced water treatment for a major oil&gas production company operating in the North Sea. We have been awarded an exclusive supply agreement for several years now by the oil company. Our expertise, excellent service and support, high delivery reliability and product development is recognized by the company and as such we received the highest supplier ranking as “strategic” supplier to the oil company.

deel 1 deel 2 deel 3

  • CleanFlow is your partner in filtration

CleanFlow provided filtration training and hands on filter equipment instructions during the European Sales meeting of one of our international clients. Over 60 people of key personnel from all of their European branches where gather in the scenic town of Spa in Belgium for training and workshops. Our filter expert provided the product training as well as commercial sales training in order to help boost their sales.

IMG_20160120_114248581 IMG_20160120_114315137

  • Maintenance and replacement of worn parts for automatic self-cleaning disc filtration installation that filters canal water used for cooling

Automatic selfcleaning disc filter  Automatic selfcleaning disc filter  IMG_20150807_143219985 kl

Automatic selfcleaning disc filter   15-02-2016 15-02-2016 2

  • The repair of AMIAD self-cleaning filters

For a customer that already had these automatic filters we took care of the repair. After a day’s work they are both up and running and ready for shipping and use.


  • Automatic self-cleaning screen filter for oil production facility Canada

At a Canadian oil production facility an oily waste water treatment system is using oil adsorption media technology. CleanFlow was asked to provide a solution in order to protect the oil adsorption media from clogging with dirt and solids. We selected the robust and efficient automatic self-cleaning screen filter with suction scanner cleaning mechanism. The filtration degree of the automatic filter is 20 micron which is well below the requirement to prevent clogging of the oil adsorption media. Special considerations had to be made for the -25 degree Celsius freezing temperatures that occur. The automatic filter unit was installed in a skid frame for quick and easy mobilization and installation.

Automatic self cleaning screen filter Automatic self cleaning screen filter

  • HEPA air filters for glass production facility

At a state-of-the art factory producing special glass and mirrors for the aircraft industry we installed these great CleanFlow HEPA filters. The vacuum glass laminating machine is protected as surrounding air is forced through the CleanFlow HEPA filter box before it enters the machine. Also a newly build clean room is equipped with CleanFlow HEPA ceiling panel filters. And finally CleanFlow melt blown filter cartridges are used in the ultra-sonic cleaning bath. Highest levels of purity are guaranteed using our quality filters.

HEPA air filters HEPA air filters

  • The dual vessel filter unit is proven to be an easy, reliable and effective 4 in one filtration unit

CleanFlow is an expert in oilfield filtration equipment. Because of this we are selected by an oilfield service company from a former Soviet Republic (CIS country) to supply our special combo cartridge/bag filter unit. This mobile and robust filter unit offers maximum flexibility in filtration jobs. Cartridge filters, bag filters, oil adsorption filters, parallel or serial filtration, pre-filtration followed by polish filters etc…… this filter unit can do it all without needing other equipment. Simply switch the unit from one filtration option to the other. On a regular basis CleanFlow also replenishes the filter consumable stock with different types of filter cartridges and filter bags for this company. With CleanFlow as their reliable partner this company can successfully perform many different oilfield filtration services.

dual vessel filter unit P1040085 Dual vessel cartridge/bag unit

  • 4 purchase orders with in 1 month

By a new customer from Dubai, CleanFlow was chosen as a new supplier due to a rapid response to the enquiry and quick delivery of the goods which is crucial in the Oil&Gas industry. 3 more subsequent orders followed within a month as a result of a content client. The supply consisted of various types of filter bags including absolute 1 micron multi-layer bags with end destinations Middle East and Central Asia (former USSR country).

filter bags

  •   Specialised in brine and completion fluids filtration

CleanFlow has more than 25 year’s experience in the Oil and Gas industry. We are specialized in brine and completion fluids filtration equipment and consumables. We have exported pallet loads of absolute pleated borosilicate micro glass fiber filter cartridges and polypropylene filter bags. Customers choose CleanFlow because of our reliable delivery, high quality products and competitive pricing.

Specialised in brine and completion fluids filtration Specialised in brine and completion fluids filtration

  •  Drinking Water Supply Ireland

A small community in Ireland faced problems with their drinking water supply. CleanFlow solved the problem and supplied an innovative automatic self-cleaning disc filter to improve the drinking water treatment system.

Now the filtration stage in the process is fully automated and free of filter cartridge replacement, as such eliminating down time and saving cost. Upon request from the client the filter unit is designed so it can be expanded easily and at low cost in the future. This self-cleaning filter from CleanFlow is the first in Ireland in this specific application.

The client put the filter through a dirt test and it passed with flying colors. Soon after it was decided to expand the unit with two more filter modules. Because of its modular design the expansion was installed easily and quickly. A happy client reported back the upgraded 3 module filter unit is in full operation and is performing beyond expectations. The disc filter is receiving much interest from other potential clients and is becoming a popular filter.

Drinking Water Supply Ireland Drinking Water Supply Ireland

  • Replacement Filter Screen for Automatic self-cleaning filter

CleanFlow supplied a replacement filter screen for an automatic self-cleaning filter used by a Belgium electric power company. The self-cleaning filter is used for filtration in a cooling water system. The screen is made from Stainless Steel 316 with a micron rating of 200. The screen length is 985mm with a diameter of 280mm.

Replacement Filter Screen for Automatic self cleaning filter Replacement Filter Screen for Automatic self cleaning filter Replacement Filter Screen for Automatic self cleaning filter

  • The Navy Found CleanFlow Filter Solutions

Ceramic membrane filter units are used for bilge water treatment onboard navy ships from a North European country. The ceramic membranes remove residual oil and hydrocarbons before discharge of the bilge water in the sea.

After several years of reliable operation the ceramic membrane modules required overhaul and refurbishment. The navy found knowledge and expertise for this delicate work at CleanFlow filter solutions. CleanFlow overhauled the modules, renewed the ceramic membranes and after stricked acceptance tests the filter units are back in service.

Ceramic membrane filter units Ceramic membrane filter units

  • Plastic Filter Housing

CleanFlow supplied a transparant plastic filter housing complete with stainless steel mesh filter screen. A straightforward filter to remove solids and dirt particles from liquids. It is easy and quick to remove the filter screen from the housing and clean it by hand for reuse. An economic and effective filter solution.

 Plastic Filter Housing Plastic Filter Housing Plastic Filter Housing

  • Customer Made Filter Screens

CleanFlow manufactures custom made filter screens. They can be for replacement of damaged screens in existing situations or for new applications and projects. The screens are available in all sizes, shapes and filtrations degrees. They are manufactured in different materials of which stainless steel is the most common.

Custome Made Filter Screens Custome Made Filter Screens Custome Made Filter Screens

  • ECOCERAMICS re placement membranes

Ceramic membrane manufacturer ECO Ceramics BV stopped their activities. Production of replacement ceramic membranes tubes is stopped. Fortunately CleanFlow still has access to stock of the original ECO membranes tubes. We can also supply equivalent replacement tubes which fit existing installation without modifications.

ECOCERAMICS replacement membranes

  • RO pre-filters

A company in Scandinavia is using Electrochemical Machining (ECM) as high tech metal machining technology for their products. The metal components produced with ECM technology are rinsed with fresh water. This rinse water is recycled in a reverse osmosis (RO) installation and reused. For protection of the expensive and delicate RO membranes CleanFlow supplied the pre-filters. A dual system is supplied with filter housings and high performance pleated bag filters. Providing exceptional long service life and easy change out.

RO pre-filters

  • H2S Removal From Biogas 

CleanFlow prepared the design basis for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) removal from biogas. Critical process parameters are indentified and design support is given for the activated carbon (AC) adsorption filter. We also supplied the special potassium iodide (KI) impregnated activated carbon media. The unit is now in operation as part of the biogas treatment system at the Waste and Energy Company in Amsterdam.

H2S Removal From Biogas

  • Wet Scrubber Dust Filter

CleanFlow provided basic engineering for wet scrubber dust filter for a Dutch steel manufacturer. The existing filter caught fire several times. CleanFlow engineered a fire proof dust filter based on wet scrubber technology. Nonflammable, no consumables, high efficiency dust removal, minimum maintenance, simple and operator friendly. Contact us for more information.

Wet Scrubber Dust Filter

  • Rental Filter Unit

CleanFlow supplied a rental duplex filter unit with a 3 months rental contract. The unit is used for waste water treatment in Norway. Rapid response time and quick delivery convinced the client to choose CleanFlow.

Rental duplex unit

  • Liquid Butane Duplex filter

For a challenging project in France CleanFlow supplied two filters to clean liquid butane at -20 deg C operating temperature. The liquid butane was transferred from one storage tank to another and in the meantime made solids free with our filters. Due to our pragmatic approach and flexibility the filters were supplied in a matter of days.

Liquid Butane Duplex filter

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