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Bag Filters


  • Bag Flow F – Needle felt bags
  • Bag Flow M    – Monofilament bags
  • Bag Flow FXL – Extended life depth filter bags
  • Bag retrofit pleated cartridge
  • Oil absorption filterbags


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Cartridge Filters

Depth-CartridgesDepth Cartridges

  • Wound type
  • Melt blown type


PleatedPleated Surface Cartridges

  • Polypropylene type
  • Microfibre glass type
  • Membrane type

Specialty Cartridgesoil-absorption-acrtridge-2-cf

  • Oil adsorption/absorption
  • Activated carbon
  • Stainless steel
  • Capsule


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Filter Housings


Single Cartridge Housings

  • Industrial plastics type
  • Stainless steel type



Multi Cartridge Housings

  • Non-code commercial type
  • Coded industrial type


Multi-Bag-filter-housingBag Filter Housings

  • Single bag type
  • Multi bag type


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Automatic Filters

Automatic-filter-azudSteel screen filters

  • Screen Series – Automatic screen filter with rotational moving  suction scanner – up to 7.500m³/hr and down to 10 micron
  • LPF Series – Extreme high flow inline filter – up to 80” and 20.000m³/hr


Industrial Plastic Filters


  • Disc series – Automatic cleaning grooved disc filter with cyclonic separation down to 5 micron
  • Spiro series – Semi- automatic self cleaning filter with manual suction scanner


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Oil Absorption


  • Oil absorption cartridges
  • Oil absorption media filters
  • Oil absorption bag filter


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Ceramic Membrane Filters
  • Tubular membranesCeramic-membrane-tube
  • Hollow fiber membranes


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Dual Vessel Cartridge Unit
  • Dual vessel cartridge unitCF-Duo-vessel-cartridge-unit
  • Dual vessel combo bag cartridge unit


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DE Diatomaceous Earth Unit


  • DE filter press
  • DE vertical pressure leaf


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Other products


  • Coalescing pipeline filter


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