Cartridge Filters

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CleanFlow’s wide range of cartridge filters

Filter Cartridges are especially designed for industrial processes and have a large filter surface for the purpose of depth filtration. High levels of efficiency are required to lose the absolute minimum of pressure. Because of the use of innovative manufacturing this type of filter offers an optimal porosity and is of excellent quality. CleanFlow offers the possibility to adjust this filter to your specific wishes.

If needed we can also help with design and fabrication of deviant sizes.

own production

CleanFlow’s range of fluid process cartridges offer high quality, high performance and are very economical when used in critical and standard applications like, ultra pure water, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and miscellaneous industrial processes. streams.


Depth Cartridges Depth filtration melt blown and wound type




Pleated Surface Cartridges pleated surface cartridge filter




Speciality Cartridges  oilf

Information about cartridge filters

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