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Depth filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges make use of depth- or surface filtration. When we are talking about depth filtration the particles are intercepted in the depth of the filter media. With surface filtration the particles are caught on the surface of the filter media.
Surface filters are mostly manufactured from thin materials, such as paper, woven wire and cloth. With depth filtration the materials used are thicker and the particles are caught inside the depth of the filter media.

Pleated surface filter cartridges gain their efficiency and capacity from an extended surface area while depth filter cartridge depend on trapping the particles in its media depth.

  • Melt blown cartridges

    Polypropylene melt blown cartridges ensure high dirt holding capacity and consistent performance.

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    Melt blown cartridges
    – Graded pore structure increases filtration efficiency
    – Rigid filter media structure not compressing as the differential pressure increases
    – 100% Polypropylene construction for environmental friendly disposal or recycling
    – Non-fiber releasing matrix
    – Cartridges are free of surfactants, binders, anti-static agents and adhesives
    – Micron ratings : 0,5 – 100 µm
    – Cartridge length : 4” – 50”

  • Wound cartridges

    Multi-purpose string wound depth filter cartridges that deliver reliable, consistent performance over time.

    Wound type filter cartridges
    – Graded pore structure for efficient removal of a wide range of particle sizes
    – Available in cotton, polypropylene and glass fiber media
    – Cartridges manufactured by automated and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistent quality
    – Helical centre core provides added mechanical strength
    – Micron ratings : 0,5 µm– 100 μm
    – Cartridge lengths : 9.75” – 70”

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    – Wound-Fine – Standard
    – Wound-Fine BB – Large diameter for use in Big Blue housings