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Automatic self cleaning filters

Are you looking for the best and most economic automatic filtration unit? A significant decrease of filter consumables?
CleanFlow has extensive hands on experience with self cleaning strainers and automatic filter systems. We develop, import and sell many types of self cleaning automatic filters. Automatic filters are designed for continuous filtration. The filtered outlet flow will never be interrupted. The high efficiency automatic self cleaning technology of our automatic filters, requires a minimum of flush water and drastically reduces, if not totaly reduces the need of filter consumables. The quality of our automatic filters is superb. If you want more information, please ask our experts, they can tell you all about it.

  • Automatic self cleaning industrial plastic disc filters

    Automatic self cleaning industrial plastic disc filters.

    The Vortex Automatic range
    The Vortex Automatic filter range offers you a choice of combinations. This range of filters is an efficient and economic solution. This filter solution is suitable for a wide range of water conditions in the industrial, municipal, environmental, agricultural, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications.
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    – Three filtration techniques combined in one filter.
    – Three cleaning mechanisms combined in one filter.
    – Air Assist (AA) option to reduce water consumption and increase cleaning efficiency.
    – Extreme efficient cleaning without water pressure.

    Three filtration techniques explained:
    – Centrifugal separation:
    The water is led into the filter via the spiral ring. A ring with angled blades/vanes. This causes the water to rotate when entering the filter. The resulting centrifugal forces push dirt particles to the wall of the housing keeping the filter disc clean for longer periods.

    – Surface filtration:
    The water will then pass through the pores of the disc package (disc stack). Particles larger than the pores will remain behind on the filter surface, which is the surface filtration similar to that of a screen filter.

    – Depth filtration:
    Finally, the smallest particles along with the water flow between the discs of the disc package. The stacked grooved discs create a depth matrix. The remaining particles are trapped in this depth matrix and only the clean water leaves the filter.

    Three cleaning mechanisms explained:

    – Opening the filter matrix. The grooved filter discs are separated from each other.
    During cleaning a 3-way valve allows water from the clean side (outlet) of the filter to flow in reverse direction into the filter. The water is pressed against the spring pressure of the disc package. The disc holder extends and the grooved filter discs de-compress and open up. Embedded dirt can wash away without obstruction.

    – Dirt removal with tangential spray jets.
    The Multi-jet nozzle system on the inside of the disc package spray the dirt of the opened discs with powerful jets.

    – Unloading dirt by vibration and spinning of the filter discs.
    The water from the jet nozzles contacts the discs and the grooves of the disc at an angle. This will result in spinning and vibrating, creating extra energy to remove the dirt.

    Cleaning efficiency and reduction of back wash water.
    To reduce the water consumption for cleaning and also to further increase the cleaning efficiency, compressed air can be used in the AA (Air Assisted) version of the disc filter.

    The AA version is equipped with an additional empty filter housing on the clean water side of the filter system. During filtration the housing will fill with clean filtered water and serves as a back wash water reservoir. The reservoir has a compressed air connection which adds pressure during the cleaning cycle. At the time of cleaning the three way valve switches the flow of one of the filter modules and reverses the direction of flow in this filter. Compressed air pushes the water from the reservoir through the filter module on back wash. The clean water flows in the opposite direction through the filter into the back wash water outlet. The compressed air expands and gives the back wash water a high speed, cleaning turbulence and impact energy.

    – Minimum water usage: (15 liters).
    – Efficient cleaning without water pressure.
    – Expanding air provides high speed rinsing, cleaning turbulence and high impact energy.

    This filter range is especially designed for low pressure systems.

    This group of filters is especially made for water with extreme pH-values both high and low.

    Especially designed to applications in which it is necessary the validation/certification of the filter to its use in water for human consumption.

    Especially developed for filtering salt and seawater.

    This filter is developed to filter water with high chlorine concentrations such as swimming pools.

    This equipment supplies the same filtration quality as the standard disc filter, with the ability of working with pressures up to sixteen bar (230 psi).

    All filters models above (except VORTEX AUTOMATIC HP) can be executed with the AA (Air Assist) technology.

  • Automatic self cleaning steel screen filters

    Automatic self cleaning steel screen filters

    A steel screen filter is a type of filter that uses a rigid screen to filter sand and other fine pollution out of water used for irrigation or industrial applications. Self cleaning screen filters have an automatic back flush cleaning cycle and a spiral moving cleaning mechanism equipped with underpressure suction nozzles. Self cleaning screen filters replace amongst others traditional sand and multimedia filters which use a lot more water and energy. This type of filter is very popular for recirculation systems with high flow rates because it removes particles fast and efficient. It is also very suitable for closed water circuits, such as cooling towers, heat exchangers and in protecting process equipment.
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    – No filter consumables
    – Energy efficient
    – Low water consumption
    – Versatile
    – Resistant to high temperatures
    – Large filter surface area
    – Available in different executions
    – Time saving
    – Easy installation
    – Weave wire stainless steel filter element

    Working principle:
    This filter continues to supply filtered water even during its cleaning cycle. Water will enter the steel screen through the inlet and flows inside to out. The pollution particles are caught and accumulated on the inside of the screen. The clean filtered water then continuous its way outside through the outlet. The cleaning cycle will start automatically when the difference in pressure reaches the preset value. A backwash valve opens and suction forces are created at the cleaning mechanism nozzles due to the venturi-effect. The suction nozzles make a spiral movement along the inside of the whole screen surface and remove all particles. The particles then leave the filter through the back wash outlet. This whole process takes less than 30 seconds and uses a minimum of water.

    CleanFlow offers Automatic Screen Filters with electric or hydraulic operation, suitable for all applications and available in several micron sizes.

    FLux CF series – automatic screen filter with rotational moving suction scanner – up to 7.500m³/hr and down to 10 micron.
    Flux CFPF series – extreme high flow inline filter – up to 80” and 20.000m³/hr

  • Semi automatic spiral clean filter

    Semi automatic spiral clean filter

    The semi automatic spiro clean filter is a highly economic filter solution. This filter is very versatile and is useful in a broad range of water filtering needs. The self cleaning function is very easy to perform and cleaning is without interruption of the filtering process. You can install this filter in-line. The filter has a weave wire mesh screen with a large surface area which is available in several filtration degrees. The maximum pressure is 10 bar and the maximum temperature is 60°C.
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    – Large filter surface
    – 100% effective cleaning of filter surface
    – Easy to clean by manually operating the self cleaning mechanism
    – Cleaning without opening the filter
    – Filter continuous filtration during cleaning cycle
    – Little maintenance and no tools needed.
    – No moving parts that are subject to wear and tear
    – Simple construction with a minium of parts
    – Constructed from high quality glass fibre reinforced industrial plastic
    – Water saving and no energy consumption.

    This filter can be cleaned during the filtration process without interruption of the filtered flow and without opening the filter. The whole cleaning cycle takes up no more than 10 seconds and uses a minimum of water. This filter is equipped with a clogging indicator clearly showing when cleaning is necessary.

    – In-line
    – 2 Inch, 2 Inch Super, 3 Inch compact en 3 Inch. With flow rates up to 50 m³/hr