February 15, 2019

Customer Made Filter Screens

CleanFlow manufactures custom made filter screens. They can be for replacement of damaged screens in existing situations or […]
February 3, 2019

Liquid Butane Duplex filter

For a challenging project in France CleanFlow supplied two filters to clean liquid butane at -20 deg C […]
January 15, 2019

Project in New Zealand

In the process of fertilizer production, they suffer from oil contamination in the liquid and they want to […]
January 15, 2019

Spinning marathon

CleanFlow participates in spinning marathon for charity Road4Energy
January 14, 2019

Replacement filter cartridges

Through good support and service they came back to CleanFlow to ask if we could help them make […]
January 14, 2019

Party for the 5th anniversary

We had a great party to celebrate CleanFlow’s 5th anniversary and the opening of our new office. We […]
January 13, 2019

The oil market is picking up again

Because the oil market is picking up again, there is also a demand for Filter Units. CleanFlow is […]
January 13, 2019

More active on social media

This year we will be more active on social media. We are focussing on Facebook and Linkedin for […]
January 12, 2019

Big LNG-project in Australia

The open drainage system for the separation of waste water is carried out using water centrifuges. This separates […]
January 11, 2019

More than 2000 pieces delivered

Cleanflow has introduced this product beginning of 2017. After successful results during the testing it is a proven […]
January 11, 2019

Cleanflow goes for sustainable transport

Personally, I stand for nature and environmentally, it’s the basis of our existence. As managing director and owner […]
January 10, 2019

Inspection old AMIAD self cleaning filters

CleanFlow was called to the rescue to inspect and repair old AMIAD self cleaning filters. A major international […]
January 10, 2019

Changing of the guard

Jeroen stopped working for CleanFlow a while ago. He decided to find a new carier. We wish Jeroen […]
January 9, 2019

Economic alternative to Hatenboer Water type HAC24870 water filter element

CleanFlow provides an affordable equivalent for the Hatenboer HAC24870 filter element. The design incorporates primary outer depth filtration, […]
January 8, 2019

CleanFlow has installed a self-cleaning filter for the Belgian Railways NMBS NV

The Belgian railway company NMBS NV uses in one of its central workshops an Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection […]
January 7, 2019

CleanFlow completed the design and construction of 3 types of mobile bag filter units

The contract includes manufacturing and delivery of dozens of filter units per type. They will be utilized for […]
January 6, 2019

A leading producer of Cleanflow

Our client is a leading producer of ink and coating metering rolls used in printing presses at the […]
January 5, 2019

Field trip by CleanFlow in Kazakhstan

During a field trip in Kazakhstan CleanFlow had the opportunity to inspected one of their previously supplied duplex […]
January 4, 2019

Replacement of filter bags

A water treatment installation for river water encountered frequent replacement of filter bags. In order to extend the […]
January 3, 2019

Multi-year contract for construction and delivery of filter skids and filter bags

CleanFlow won the tender for a multi-year contract for design, build and supply of filter skids and filter […]
January 2, 2019

CleanFlow is classified as a “strategic” supplier for a large oil company

CleanFlow is specialized in Oil adsorption Filters and developed a specific oil adsorption filter for produced water treatment […]
January 1, 2019

CleanFlow is your partner in filtration

CleanFlow provided filtration training and hands on filter equipment instructions during the European Sales meeting of one of […]
December 30, 2018

Another successful year closed!

This year with blue cupcakes.
February 27, 2018

The repair of AMIAD self-cleaning filters

For a customer that already had these automatic filters we took care of the repair. After a day’s […]
February 26, 2018

Automatic self-cleaning screen filter

At a Canadian oil production facility an oily waste water treatment system is using oil adsorption media technology. […]
February 25, 2018

HEPA air filters for glass production facility

At a state-of-the art factory producing special glass and mirrors for the aircraft industry we installed these great […]
February 24, 2018

The duplex filter housing unit

CleanFlow is an expert in oilfield filtration equipment. Because of this we are selected by an oilfield service […]
February 23, 2018

4 purchase orders with in 1 month

By a new customer from Dubai, CleanFlow was chosen as a new supplier due to a rapid response […]
February 21, 2018

Specialised in brine and completion fluids filtration

CleanFlow has more than 25 year’s experience in the Oil and Gas industry. We are specialized in brine […]
February 20, 2018

Drinking Water Supply Ireland

A small community in Ireland faced problems with their drinking water supply. CleanFlow solved the problem and supplied […]
February 19, 2018

Replacement Filter Screen

CleanFlow supplied a replacement filter screen for an automatic self-cleaning filter used by a Belgium electric power company. […]
February 18, 2018

The Navy Found CleanFlow Filter Solutions

Ceramic membrane filter units are used for bilge water treatment onboard navy ships from a North European country. […]
February 17, 2018

Plastic Filter Housing

CleanFlow supplied a transparant plastic filter housing complete with stainless steel mesh filter screen. A straightforward filter to […]
February 13, 2018

ECOCERAMICS re placement membranes

Ceramic membrane manufacturer ECO Ceramics BV stopped their activities. Production of replacement ceramic membranes tubes is stopped. Fortunately […]
February 12, 2018

RO pre-filters

A company in Scandinavia is using Electrochemical Machining (ECM) as high tech metal machining technology for their products. […]
February 11, 2018

H2S Removal From Biogas

CleanFlow maakte het basis ontwerp voor waterstofsulfide (H2S) verwijdering uit biogas. Kritische procesparameters werden geïdentificeerd en ondersteuning tijdens […]
February 10, 2018

Wet Scrubber Dust Filter

CleanFlow provided basic engineering for wet scrubber dust filter for a Dutch steel manufacturer. The existing filter caught […]
February 9, 2018

Rental Filter Unit

CleanFlow supplied a rental duplex filter unit with a 3 months rental contract. The unit is used for […]
February 2, 2018

Maintenance and replacement of worn parts