Oil & gas


Filter solutions for oilfield fluids and produced water

Millions of cubic metres of fluids and water are used in oil and natural gas exploration and production on a daily basis.The oilfield industry has always been on the forefront of technology, setting the highest standards in the most demanding circumstances.

The same goes for the critical process of oilfield filtration applications such as brine completion fluids filtration and polishing filters for injection water. Well fluid purity is essential to prevent damage to the reservoir in order to maximize well performance and production rates. Another challenging filtration application is oily water treatment or produced water filtration. Ever stricter overboard water and discharge regulations push treatment systems to their very limits. Also the environmental consciousness of the oilfield industry drives the search for better separation technologies.

CleanFlow’s filter products

CleanFlow’s filtration products have been designed specifically for these oilfield applications. Our filter products provide superior efficiency, dirt holding and flow capacity. The filters deliver unmatched value per barrel filtered given their premium performance.

Filtration of these fluids require sophisticated filter solutions, which is precisely what CleanFlow can deliver. We have in-depth knowledge of filtration combined with specific oilfield industry experience. We provide dedicated filters and filtration equipment used to filter oil from water and for any other gas and oilfield related application, such as:

- Produced water treatment
- Oily water treatment
- Well completion fluids
- Pipeline flushing
- Seawater filtration
- Surface run off water
- Water injection

Oilfield fluids can be a mixture of produced water, liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, dissolved or suspended solids, produced solids and injected fluids and additives.

Filters and componenten

Our filters and components provide unmatched performance at competitive prices. Our products constist of but are not limited to:
- Dual vessel (Duplex) cartridge filter unit
- DE filter press
- Automatic self cleaning filters
- Absolute microglass pleated cartridges
- Oil Absorption cartridges
- String wound filters
- Melt Blown filters
- Filter bags
- Diatomaceous Earth (DE) media

Complete filtration systems
CleanFlow has the expertise to provide you with a complete filtration system geared to filter oil from water or any other oilfield related processes and including components such as piping, valves, pumps and skids. We will be glad to advise you on the best solution for your business.


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