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Speciality cartridge filters

CleanFlow also offers special and customized filter solutions

We have a range of filters used in special applications.
When there is no standard filter solution available we can help with the design, development and production of a customized filter solution.
Our liquid process cartridges offer high quality, high performance and cost effective solutions for common and difficult applications including high purity water, food and beverages and other critical process flow streams.


  • Carbon cartridges

    A full range of high performance activated carbon cartridges providing separation and purification.

    Carbon cartridges
    – Carbon clean design is a cost effective alternative for granular activated carbon cartridges
    – FDA listed materials make this a suitable choice for potable water and food Service applications
    – Carbon technology improves Potable water quality by removing taste, odour and colour
    – Absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), chlorine and eliminates trace odours
    – Micron ratings : 5 μm
    – Cartridge lengths : 10” – 40”
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    CB-B – Extruded carbon block – longer life, no channelling, greater efficiency
    CB-WS – Polypropylene string wound pre-filter with carbon sheet – low pressure drop
    CB-RC – Activated carbon powder impregnated polyester – Increased absorption efficiency

  • Filter capsules

    High purity capsule filters with an extended range of media options for low flow applications.

    Filter capsules
    Capsule filters are designed in compact sizes and suitable for small batch processes of liquids and gases. This self-contained filter, filter element and housing in one piece, make the product line easy in maintenance and ideal for critical point-of-use applications such as small scale production line and research facilities. Capsule filters provide fast change out, optimum equipment efficiency and enhanced safety.
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    – PP filter media or PES and ePTFE membrane materials
    – Low waste volume minimizes loss of valuable process fluids
    – Vent and drain location optimized for quick change out
    – Manufactured in a clean room environment
    – Micron ratings : 0,04 μm – 40 μm

  • Oil absorption cartridges

    Oil adsorption cartridge for effective and economical removal of hydrocarbons from waste water.

    Oil absorption cartridges
    The oil-X-tract cartridge is especially designed to clean water polluted by hydrocarbons (oil) and volatile organics. It effectively removes free, dissolved (TPH) and emulsified hydrocarbons (oils) from industrial waste water.
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    Effective media

    The oil-X-tract cartridge is filled with granulated organic surface modified substrate especially engineered to absorb oil, hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants from water. The oil-X-tract media is selectively oleophilic; essentially repelling water and seeking organics. The oil-X-tract media is extremely porous due to its unique reticular crystalline structure resulting in a very high total surface area to capture the pollutants. The combination of the above features provide an exceptionally high adsorption capacity of the media.

    – Adsorbs oil, grease and emulsified, dispersed and dissolved hydrocarbons
    – Hydrocarbon levels far below current water quality standards
    – Adsorption technology can remove up to 60 – 70% more contaminants by weight compared to activated carbon
    – Adsorption capacity of up to 90% of it’s own weight
    – 99% removal efficiency in one pass
    – Extremely effective for offshore produced water polish filter
    – Available in standard 222 O-ring single open end cartridge
    – Cartridge lengths : 10” – 50”

    OilXtract – Standard 40″ length, code 3 plug-in connection (222 double O-ring / flat cap)

    Robust construction

    The cartridge is of a strong fully welded PP construction. No sealants, glues or hot melts are used which can dissolve by the pollutants. As such bypass is prevented and premature failure of the cartridge eliminated.

  • Stainless steel filter cartridges

    Metal flow series, full stainless steel filters suitable for high temperature, high pressure and agressive fluid applications. Cartridges can be regenerated in many processes.

    Stainless steel filter cartridges
    – Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel sintered fiber or weave wire mesh filter media
    – Filter cartridge is cleanable in a variety of applications
    – High surface area pleated configuration for additional on-stream life
    – Robust all welded construction
    – Single open end configurations available for greater sealing integrity
    – Micron ratings: 1 µm – 100 μm
    – Cartridge Lengths: 10” – 40”

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    SSD – Sintered fiber depth filter media
    SSP – Pleated mesh filter media